Rod Fai Train Night Market

Is there anything more exciting than exploring night markets in bustling cities around the world? Especially in Bangkok which is famous for shopping? Right! But during the day when you have brutal temperatures that would leave you melting, you wouldn’t go to an outside market; you would much rather go to an air-conditioned shopping center.

Rod Fai Train Market Bangkok

Rod Fai Train Night Market

The next Khao San Road? Or even better? Or just the Khao San Road with more style? Or JJ Market and Khao San Road together?

Night Shopping Rod Fai Market

Anyhow, it’s a must-see in Bangkok.

So, what is about the Rod Fai Train Market?

Well, there are actually two of them in Bangkok, the “New Rod Fai Market” or “Rod Fai Market II” or find it on Google Maps under “Railway Bazaar Ratchada” and then the other “Rod Fai Market” which we report in another blog post. Here we report about the newer one, which opened in January 2015. The newer one is actually the bigger of the two and it is much easier to get to.

Shopping Bangkok

“What will I find there?” is likely to be your first question. Well, it’s a mix of clothes, toys, household goods, electronic stuff and as you guys know (because shopping makes you hungry), street food. You’ll also find some vintage stuff, like old Coca Cola collectibles or old cameras and traffic signs and a lot more. It’s kinda a nightlife scenery as well and more for the local Thais. But I guess in the future, you’ll find more tourists too. We really enjoyed the crowd there and we hope it’s becoming more famous in the future as a hotspot for going out there.

Bars and Drinks Bangkok

Drinks at Rod Fai Market DSC_1571

The Rod Fai Market is also known for the Train Market, but it’s not the famous Train Market outside of Bangkok in the south (link) there is actually no train around. Earlier the market was close to the Chatuchak Market (Weekend Market or JJ Market) on the railroad track, but they had to move because of the extension of the Skytrain in 2013. So they just kept the name Rod Fai Market, which means railroad track.

Bangkok Market

Bangkok Train Market

So, as everywhere in markets in Bangkok, bargaining is expected if you want to find the prices for anything. When you know the Chatuchak Market, you can expect lower prices here, as it’s more popular for the local Thai community.

Food at Rod Fai Market Food Bangkok Rod Fai Market

Open Hours

Every Thursday to Sunday  /  from 5.00 pm. to midnight

Bars at Rod Fair Market

How to get there

It’s easy to find “Rot Fai Ratchada” as it is located directly behind MRT National Cultural Centre station. From there it’s a walk to the south in the direction of the Esplanade Shopping Center, and after that, just walk to the right where you’ll find the market. Just watch out for Esplanade Shopping Center, it’s directly behind this building.

If you are taking a taxi, be sure to stress you want to go to Ratchada (not the Srinakarin version).

  • Location: Ratcadaphisek Road (close to Esplanade Shopping Mall)
  • MRT: National Cultural Centre
  • Tel: +66 (0)92 713 5599


Go into the car parking from the Esplanade Shopping Center on the 4th floor, there you’ll find the best view of the whole market and you can take some breathtaking pictures up there. Enjoy!

NIght Market Bangkok Rod Fair Market Bangkok

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